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Fast, fair, and flexible debt financing for
SaaS, e-commerce, and tech-enabled companies.

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The application process takes 10 minutes to complete. Our platform gathers information on your business and generates a financing decision. Funds are deposited in under 2 weeks.

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Every great business deserves great financing. Our technology eliminates human bias. Decisions are objective and based on data. Our approach uses accounting, banking, and marketing data to qualify and approve financing.

Ready To Grow?


Our revenue sharing financing provides businesses with $200,000 to $5,000,000 in growth capital for a small % of their monthly revenue. No fixed terms. No minimum payments. No fees.

Ready To Grow?

Founder-Friendly Financing

As founders ourselves, we understand the importance of flexibility. That's why we offer royalty only payments for two years with a balloon payment at the end - giving you the time and flexibility to grow your business!

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Applying is fast and easy.

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Apply for financing in under 10 minutes. You can connect your banking or accounting software to get even better financing terms.

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Our software analyzes your business banking and accounting data within 24 hours to propose fair financing terms. No human bias.

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When the terms are accepted, you get your capital plus access to our advisors for a small monthly fee. Our success is based on your success. Naturally, we’ll do everything we can to help you grow.

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  • No fixed repayment date
  • No equity
  • No personal gurantee
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Success Stories


A tech-enabled consulting firm for qualitative research.


Forge & Foster

A real estate investment firm
focused on commercial properties.


Loop Club

A growth marketing agency
focused on strategy and revenue.



An online marketplace for healthy
food snacks and supplements.


Dovetail Software

An experienced provider of human
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Elite HRV

A leading heart rate variability device and software provider.