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Consciously participate in the growth of startups while diversifying your portfolio. Go beyond stocks and bonds with our unique crypto asset that provides dividends and appreciation.

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The Equity Token

Corl aims to be the first company to IPO using a token.

We provide growing businesses with capital and our token gives holders access to appreciation, dividends and ownership interest.

Equity Token

Investor benefits

First Decentralized IPO

First decentralized IPO

When you own CORL, you own Corl. As a shareholder, you hold equity in the company and are entitled to the rights and privileges of ownership.

Liquidity & Continuous Returns

Liquidity & continuous returns

HODL your crypto and earn passive income. Access liquidity through crypto markets and receive steady income through quarterly dividends.

Social Impact

Social impact

Funds raised will be disbursed as revenue sharing investments, to help grow sustainable businesses, benefit the economy and create more jobs.

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