Bridger Case Study

Andrew, an expert in the network consulting space, recognized a gap in how traditional consultants service clients.

By taking a tech-driven approach to an old school model and combining technology with traditional hands-on servicing, Andrew created Bridger, a tech-enabled consulting firm connecting industry professionals to share knowledge on demand.


Lack of funding was holding Bridger from achieving their full potential.

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"We were growing very fast, and we quickly realized that to keep momentum, we needed to bring in new hires. Corl was one of the few firms that worked well with our model."

Andrew wanted to look for alternative funding options, one that saw the robust business model, the strong cash flow, and that would promote and help Bridger grow business without hindering the companies' true goals and motives of scaling the business. Andrew held out as much as he could until the right opportunity was presented.


Corl created a flexible financing plan that fit their needs

Corl provided Bridger with growth capital to build its core team and bring on new hires. This allowed the company to take on more projects and expand its business.

Use of funds


YoY Revenue growth


Increase in new hires


Increase in clients


Bridger is just getting started; they plan to become a global competitor to the top 5 major firms that exist today.

To find a partner that said, okay, we're going to look at your business model like a VC would, see the growth, still see the same multipliers that they would. But we're not going to come and ask for this crazy dilutive equity piece upfront.

Andrew Rawana